:REVIEW:: Scinic – My Juicy Cup Modeling Mask!

Hi bunnies! This mask was probably my messiest one yet! Let’s get into the review!

This modeling mask sells for about $4 and is a single use mask! I do believe it’s too much product for one use but I wasn’t aware until I had mixed the powder with water and could not save some for another time 🙁


  • How much? $4
  • Weight? .88 oz
  • Claims? “nutritious yogurt-like mask that nourishes the skin.”
  • Is opening the packaging easy? Yes. Basically fill the cup up to the predetermined line with water and mix with spatula. Mix until it turns into a paste then apply to the face.
  • Does the mask have a scent/fragrance? No smell at all which was surprising
  • Does it have enough essence inside to apply on neck/arms/rest of body? Batter just dripping off my face lol. Messy messy it looks like I’m melting. It spills its heavy its thick. Theres way too much for one face. Recommend two people so u dont waste. I literally put all over my chest and arm lol. Mesy mask all over the sink.
  • What does the mask feel like? Absolute pancake batter
  • Does it fit my face well? Its rubber! Just like missha mask. Needs to be thick everywhere not just edges otherwise it wont come off easily. Try to get all of it off away from ur sink drain. Itll clog.
  • Does it stay on well? It’s so thick how is this supposed to dry in 15-20 min as directed??
  • Does it sting at all? Nope
  • Overall comfort? Comes off like cake batter with water. Nice. I liked it even with the messiness
  • How long did I keep the mask on? 30 minutes
  • How did my skin feel right after? Normal
  • How did my skin feel the day after? Normal
  • Would I repurchase? No. A gigantic mess. I don’t have the time for this..

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