::REVIEW:: Shaking PUDDING Hair Dye!

Hi bunnies! Here is a hair dye I’ve never tried before! PUDDING hair dye?!

This is the EZN – Shaking Pudding Hair Color in #6.1 Latte Beige!

I think I bought this at my local Lotte Asian grocery mart? LOL I usually get foam bubble hair dye from Yesstyle or Amazon~

So similarly to bubble dye, you mix this together by shaking it! I have direction pictures below for those curious!

A pack of one sells for about $15 which is on par with other at-home permanent dyes~

Inside it comes with everything you need: gloves, dye, bottles, aftercare treatment!

So overall it gave me very similar results as the bubble dye. My hair was pretty orange in the first place so my color turned out NOT latte beige like the box shows haha. That’s my fault~ It didn’t make it ash hue at all either.

The most memorable thing about this dye was the after-care keratin treatment. That REALLY made my hair silky soft!

Would i repurchase?….. Probably not.
I liked the bubble dyes more because application is slightly easier. The foam makes it easy to spread all over my hair evenly.

Pudding is cute but meh~ Not a ground breaking item!

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  1. Fun review! I liked their colours and tried one or two, but they are a bit damaging on my hair. Sadly, though I prefer supporting indie and smaller brands, L’Oréal has the best products when it comes to at home box dye, from my experience 😔

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