::REVIEW:: Missha – Rice Powder Modeling Mask!

Hi bunnies! I keep thinking this mask is oatmeal! But it’s rice powder! LOL

This is Missha’s Homemade Modeling Mask in Rice Powder. You buy two for $12 and they come in 50ml packs.

So this mask is NOT for the weak or the quick – It comes with one jar that has the gel and one pouch that has the actual rice powder that you mix into it. Apparently it came with a spatula?? But I used a plastic knife hahahah. I don’t know what happened there with the spatula 🙁 Rip me.

Once you mix the mask together it smells like protein or health powder… It was odd and slightly strong?


Masks that you have to mix yourself on the spot are also so much work.. It is so drippy applying to my face and then it drips down the whole 20 minutes you have to keep it on.

There is also TOO MUCH for one face. I had so much excess mask gel I applied some to my mom’s face too.

After the 20 minutes I washed the mask off and I felt fine after. No crazy refreshing feeling and no magic skin after. Overall it is too messy for a rice mask.. this dripping got all over my sink.. and i just cant deal with the mess. 1/5 jars of hunnyy rating!

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