::Etsy Store Update:: I made a sale!! While on Maternity leave!

Hi bunnies! My shop had its second sale ever! This time it wasn’t even by a friend, it was a pure original sale! I was about 3 or 4 weeks postpartum when I got the notification that one of my stickers was sold~ I was still in the newborn blur of being a new mom, a fragile baby and 2 hours of sleep a night!! I was so exhausted I almost didn’t believe my eyessssssss but it was real!

It was my J-Hope ‘I Like Spaghetti & Sprite’ Sticker!

It took me a day to get back in the swing of shipping out the sticker but I did it! Rewatched a video of how to print the shipping label and wrote out a thank you note to the buyer 🙂

It was all the push I needed to really think I can do this!

I’m giving myself ten years to make my own business & become my own boss full time! Follow me through my journey 🙂

Thank you for reading & more updates coming this week!!

Until next time loves!



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