::Mommy Diaries:: Why I’m Not Sleep Training (Cry It Out)

Hi bunnies! My little one is now 5 months old!! Ive read that sleep training can start around 4 months old once theyre old enough to cry it out. I have not done this and currently I have no intentions to. Why? It’s easy – I don’t want to. I’m not ready.

Initially when she was born I was given a lot of advice to do it and I was so sleep deprived I wanted to. Now that her sleep routine is really solid and I am not that sleep deprived I don’t see the need to sleep train. I spend the nights with her and I enjoy the time laying next to her.

Currently our routine is like this – Baby goes to bed nursing around 9pm. Wakes up about every 3 hours to nurse then goes back to bed. I fall asleep around midnight but before then I just lay her next to me while I watch tv~ and I LOVE THESE THREE HOURS TOGETHER EVERY NIGHT. It is my favorite part of the day and I’m not giving that up.

The idea of putting her to sleep in the bedroom and not seeing/being with her until the next morning just seems ridiculous to me. I’m trying to soak up all these infant moments!

I am not hating on anyone who chooses to sleep train! Every mother/child routine is different! If your baby doesn’t sleep well I totally support whatever works for you guys! I was blessed with a baby that sleeps pretty well but I might sleep train my next child! But right now for me and my baby, we are gonna keep our current routine.

I also am very against having my baby cry for more than a few minutes. As her mother it literally rips my heart out and I get so panicky I can’t do it.

I stand by what I’m doing 🙂 Mommies need to do whatever is best for them and their children!

Thanks for coming to my ted talk~

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