::ETSY DIARIES:: Sticker Wall & Insta Friends

Hi bunnies! Why is it IMPOSSIBLE to build a social media following?

I try to like other posts from people in my same etsy niche, i comment and you know what they do? NOTHING to reciprocate. They never like back or even visit my profile or even respond to my comment besides saying “thank you”…. like dude.

So in my experience the beauty community and BTS community are the worst to reciprocate. The art and pet community are much better. Even so it’s tough.

In other etsy related news I bought acrylic shelves to make a sticker shelf on my wall! I have lined up the shelves and just have to drill the holes and I’m scared! It’s my house but I’m afraid of them being uneven.. making holes is just so permanent. And I feel like it’ll take me forever and with my taking care of my daughter I’ve been procrastinating..lol

Also I’ve decided to make digital products to sell too! Probably in the finance & budgeting sector~

Anyway I hope you guys liked today’s post! Be sure to follow me at the below social media platforms !

Until next time loves!



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