Transitioning out of Beauty?

Hi bunnies! After years of beauty reviews I might be putting a pause on this beauty train. After giving birth to my daughter and starting my sticker shop I just do not have the time to commit to taking swatches, flatlays, editing and WRITING the reviews. It is so time consuming. The hardest part is I have THOUSANDS of beauty content already edited that I haven’t posted yet!

It is just years of not posting enough and having too much back dated content.. I’m not sure what to do. Should I still post the pictures anyway? It’d all be out of context and random.. GAH. I don’t know.

If anything outside of parenting & my day job I do want to put more energy to my sticker business. I have had some sales & I’d like to make this more profitable in 2023.

I am going to keep my website! This website has been like my journal over the years I would never part with it! I will keep my beauty instagram too, it’ll just have less updates.

I’m still struggling with this idea. If I make any changes I’ll have another update 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone <3 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Until next time loves!



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