How I Switched from Exclusively Pumping to Exclusively BreastFeeding

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My daughter is currently 6 months old and my breastfeeding journey was SO HARD in the beginning.

As soon as she was born the nurses taught me how to breastfeed and the colostrum came out well. My baby latched well on the right breast so we didn’t spend too much time on the left breast. I think this led to problems down the road-

The next day in the hospital I couldn’t really grasp nursing my baby. My nipples wouldn’t harden the way they’re supposed to and my baby could not latch well. She also spent the next 24 hours under the freaking jaundice lamps so that REALLY made it difficult.

Once we came home from the hospital was the absolute worst night for both me and baby. In hindsight it was obvious – she was hungry and my supply had not come in yet. I also could not get her to latch at all. Stupid me, I thought “oh she shouldnt need much the first few days, I’m fine”. But that wasn’t really the case. She did need more hence her crying. It was a sleepless night and I felt so stupid and guilty.

I started to pump (already got the free pump through insurance) and was making about an ounce a session. Baby had exactly what i was producing. I thought things were going okay until we went to our pediatrician where we found out baby had not gained her birth weight back. Pediatrician recommended feeding her two ounces every 3 hours and told us to come back in a few days to recheck her weight. I felt guilty again. You can tell this is a recurring theme in motherhood lol.

I proceeded to feed her two ounces every 3 hours and she did great at her next appointment. Weight gain was good! The problem was PUMPING SUCKS.

Pumping is an absolute job. In short – it is time consuming, painful, complicated, expensive and mentally straining. I was constantly checking how much I could pump in one session and it was never enough. I saw all the posts of women with an oversupply pumping PITCHERS of milk and I was like a drop in the freaking bucket. My left boob especially barely had output. I was so scared I wouldn’t make enough and would have to give her formula.

I thankfully had a friend who had an oversupply and gave me SO MUCH of her extra milk. I love you Gloria <3

When my baby was about six weeks old I decided to try feeding her directly from my breast. I don’t know what caused me to try again, I guess I was curious? I had given up so fast in the beginning that I wanted to try again. I also thought her suction could help my left breast produce more milk.

Since she wasn’t used to it she didn’t really get to drink much. She was confused and I had to use so many pillows and ways to hold her.. It wasn’t great.

I tried again a few times over a week and it progressively got better! I even had her drink milk for about 2 minutes straight!

My saving grace ended up coming from me forgetting my pump at my grandma’s house. I lived far away & couldn’t go back and pick them up so I decided baby girl would have to drink from me directly for 4 days before I could go back to grandma’s house.

The toughest part was she took a LONG time drinking each session & I fed her with me sitting up and the pillows propping her up was a mess. I did not have a boppy. But I did it! Baby girl was fed!

After that we also moved into a bigger house and I ended up mastering this! I even started to feed her with us both lying on our side and THIS IS A LIFESAVER. I can sleep sooo much more now. It was so amazing I naturally stopped pumping and she 100% drinks from the breast now! When my family is watching her she does have a bottle but this is maybe once a week.

I know I had to go through these challenges to get to where I am now but MAN if only I knew this in the beginning.. I could’ve slept so much more.. gah. The newborn phase was so hard. With my next child I hope I can use what I learned and hopefully have an easier time!!

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