::ETSY DIARIES:: No sales for 3 weeks

Hi bunnies! It has been about 3 weeks without a sale and I’m sad. I am planning a shop update and have over 10 stickers to add! I just have to find the time to upload them. That part is the most focused & time consuming~

I also started thinking that i need more of a diversity in the photos I take of the stickers. So far I just have a marble, pink and purple background. I take solo shots and then one big group shot.

It’s just hard on top of my full time job and being a mommy. I’m an idea factory but actually pulling through with it is the hard part. I also spent my last 2 weeks taking care of my covid sick babyy + holidays + putting baby’s playroom together. SO BUSY.

I might go back to what I did pre-pregnancy and actually time how much hours I spent on my side hustle. It kept me more mindful of how I spent my time for sure. More of a burden too. But i digress.

Update over~! Hopefully I come back with better news next update 🙂

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Until next time loves!



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