::ETSY DIARIES:: Etsy Took Down My Listings!

Hi bunnies! Gosh what a roller coaster of a day! I had just posted a shop update and immediately got an email from etsy saying they took down one of my listings (which had 6 variations of stickers) due to possible trademark infringement. The email said it’d be reviewing my listing and removing it for the time being. Said do not delete it myself and just wait pretty much. I was really scared because in my previous post I thought I was doing the right things! I didn’t list the brand name in the listing title or tags!

In my panicked mode I wrote about it on the etsy facebook group I’m a part of asking for guidance. Did I really follow the rules or was I wrong? My main confusion is on etsy there are TONS of listings that show the brand name, title, even the LOGO of the brands! Those definitely are worse than mine~ Gah.

So I got a reply to my post within five minutes and it was the RUDEST lady Karen.. she said along the lines of “do you own this trademark? NO. Should you have posted this? NO. Are you stupid? YES.”

……………………. I almost had a conniption on this lady. Yes I may be stupid but that doesn’t give you the right to be mean!!! I asked for help, not a beatdown. I damn near messaged her and started a fight. But I’m grown, I don’t fight strangers on the internet. So I just deleted my whole post.

So after that I just waited for etsy. Waited for 13 dayss… no email!

I checked my etsy shop after 13 days and my listing was active! I guess they deemed my listing wasn’t infringing on anything and brought it back to active! I wish they’d notify me but whatever. I’m in the clear!

What I did do was delete one of the variations that had a ‘cc’ on it, I didn’t want to take any chances.

GOSH what an event….

Have you ever had an experience like this??

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Until next time loves!



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