::ETSY DIARIES:: Lack of Engagement-Should I hire a social media helper?

I’m lost. So so lost with how to do the social media. I just cannot get it together.

I also refuse to get tiktok because of the safety concerns state governments are talking about.

I struggle to find a community in instagram. The BTS shop community DO NOT ENGAGE when you comment and like their posts. Probably the least engaging community i’ve ever encountered! It’s so discouraging.

I don’t have the finances to hire a helper but I’m so lost.

Even here on wordpress.. I don’t get much engagement, I try to venture out and find new people to communicate with but no one responds.. not to mention that 80% of the blogs here are spam accounts or news accounts that just redirect you to their real site.


Until next time loves!



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  1. To be honest getting engagement on Instagram for shops is tough. You have to post a lot, and it seems posting videoes is what’s pushing accounts to be seen by other people. I’ve noticed a ton of small indie businesses I follow have started to switch to short content videos over on Instagram or crosspost Twitter/Instagram, it seems to be helping them get noticed on Instagram more versus just photo-based posts.

    I don’t think WordPress is great for engagement. A lot of old-school blogs aren’t popular, and they’re a bit difficult to find. I use WordPress because I enjoy writing perfume reviews, and enjoy having a space to write longer posts. But I don’t get a lot of views. I get much more engagement on Reddit. I’m in the indie perfume niche, and our biggest community is on Reddit over on the r/IndieMakeupandMore subreddit. But we also have a growing community on TikTok. I have seen a ton of brands blow up because they advertised on Tiktok. Unfortunately, I feel like Tiktok is such an important tool for advertising for small businesses. But I’m also wary of TikTok for security reasons, and because I hate video editing. I know a lot of my fellow influencers in my niche have recommended using it. That being said, I run a database that lists Asian Owned Small Businesses/Indies including a ton of artist shops on Etsy. I’ll happily add your store to the list. You might also want to check out some of the posts on r/Etsy.

    1. Author

      Wow thank u so much for ur response! How do u post on reddit?? When i join, they all say u cant self promote. So idk how to gain traction there.

      And yes please add me to your database! Is it on ur site or something?

  2. It really takes a while to build a community. It took me a couple of years before my blog blew up and now I have close to 1k followers. Keep your chin up. I also have Instagram and Tiktok.

      1. No problem at all! I have a lot going on currently. I do try to keep up with who I follow but with full time work, full time masters degree program, single motherhood to a little boy with ASD and ADHD, really makes it difficult. lol. I love your content. Keep up the hard work.

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