::ETSY DIARIES:: I made 2 sales & a no-design week!

YAY! After a full month of no sales on my etsy shop I made a sale that sold two stickers!

They were my J-hope “Important Business” stickers which was a first!

I got that order shipped out the following morning and also filmed a ‘pack an order with me’ video.

Besides that I’ve had a slow week in terms of posting on social media and designing new stickers..

I am very tired lately.. I keep thinking I’ll spend an hour working on it before bed but once my daughter goes to sleep I do too LOL I’m so sleepy I just go right to bed!

Hopefully this sleepy phase ends soon and I’ll get back into the groove of things!

Here is picture of the sticker that sold- It’s on the bottom right of the photo!

Until next time loves!



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  1. Thanks for engaging with my blog. I’m just now learning how to use the Jetpack app. I’ll feature your Etsy store on my blog! I just ask for periodic engagement on my blog and/or social media.

      1. I added your Etsy to my April Etsy post, and I followed you on social media! Good luck with your work stuff. I work full-time, too. Side hustles are hard to maintain.

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