::MOMMY DIARIES:: Sleep Training SUCKS. My 10month old baby is not handling it well.

Last post I wrote about how I wasn’t going to do sleep training with my 5 month old. She is now 10 months and our last resort is sleep training.

Back then she was waking every three hours to feed but it had morphed into waking every 50 minutes when she went into a light sleep cycle. Also she is getting a lot bigger in size so three of us in bed is getting harder and harder.

I TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE. I tried the ferber method. I tried gentle sleep training. I tried giving her a bottle instead, water instead, a pacifier, a toy, a lovey, shushing her, patting her butt, singing, using the same phrases and bed routine each night. Nothing worked.

And I tried these all for weeks at a time too. I didn’t just quit after a few tries. I cannot tell you how many articles and videos I went through trying to find an alternative to crying it out. I always came back to the same conclusion – my daughter is one of the “strong willed” children. And with strong willed children the less intervention, the better. Reason why is when I would put her in her crib, she’d cry and I’d come visit after a set amount of time and reassure her I’m here – talk to her, pat her, sing. All it did was aggravate her that I’m not picking her up and nursing her to sleep. She’d just scream louder..

We are currently on day 5 of sleep training and she’s still crying.

Day 1: 35 min of crying. 15 minutes of just sitting in her crib. Another 2 min of crying then she fell asleep sitting up. I went in to lay her down and she woke up. I felt so guilty I just brought her into bed and nursed her to sleep.

Day 2: 20 minutes of crying and fell asleep laying down. Slept for 3 whole hours by herself.

Day 3: 2 minutes of crying and fell asleep for 2.5 hours. Best night so far.

Day 4: 40 minutes of crying and very similar to first day – she fell asleep sitting up. I went in to lay her down and she woke up. I felt so guilty I just brought her into bed and nursed her to sleep.

Day 5: So far she’s been crying 25 minutes and still fighting sleep.

Hearing her cry really sucks. It literally makes my stomach hurt. I want to go in so badly but it would mean the last 5 days was a complete waste. All of her crying the last five days would be a waste.

Also – she realizes what’s happening now and when we go to bathe her before bed she starts to scream and cry because she realizes it’s almost bedtime and we’re putting her in her crib.

This sucks.. I hate it. I really wish I could hold her for the rest of my life.. She’d never have to grow up and sleep on her own.

I guess I’ll post an update as we go.. but so far.. my anxiety is high and baby girl’s crying is also high.



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