End Gun Violence Stickers – Protect Our Children!

As a mother and a civilian, I am SICK of the mass shootings across america this year. It is nonstop. There was one 20 minutes from me last weekend.

I am sick of people tweeting about it and stopping there. Let’s contact our local representatives. Let’s change the policies. Let’s change FOR OUR CHILDRENS LIVES.

I created these stickers to show my support for gun law restrictions and policy change. They are available at my etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/Hunnyybunnyshop

I am also seriously considering homeschooling my daughter. I just don’t trust the schools have what it takes to protect my child! The LAWS dont, how is a public school supposed to??

End of rant. I could go on forever but I’ll be contacting my local representatives instead. I hope you do the same!

Thank you for reading.



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