I was SCAMMED when I Hired a Professional to Help My Etsy Shop

*update – Please read pt 2 here –

Hi bunnies! Yes, I have reached that level of desperation. After two months of no sales on my etsy store and my day-job as an accountant bleeding me dry.. I have paid someone to look at my etsy and give me feedback.

I found this etsy store owner who has made seven figures selling on etsy and for $100 they will analyze my shop and give me feedback.

The below paragraph was written the day I paid for the service and beneath that was written a week later when I realized i’d be scammed.

I’m nervous and excited at the same time. So far I’ve had to fill out a questionnaire of my shop and my goals. I’m hoping the advice they give is more than they offer on their youtube (cause then i’d just be paying for free advice they already have published on youtube). GAH. I really don’t know if this will work. At the very least I can say I tried my best..?

It is about a week later and IVE BEEN BAMBOOZLED. This guy didn’t critique my store or anything! Literal crickets.. Radio silence! I emailed this afternoon asking whats going on, why haven’t I gotten a response and nothing. More radio silence. His email clearly states they will critique and respond within 3-5 business days. Today is the evening of the fifth business day and im PISSED.

I already opened a paypal case requesting a refund but I have to wait for to respond. Paypal’s policy I guess.. IM BEYOND ANGRY. I went as a teeny little shop asking for help but he took advantage of me!! I’m a full-time accountant and full-time mom trying to make a better life for my family and this guy just bested me out of $100..

I’ll update when I hear back from paypal.. UGH.



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  1. Oof. I also had been scammed by a guy from Fiverr but that’s a different service.

  2. I’m sorry. I’ve been trying to share my Etsy post that has your store more often with all of my social media followers. I know it’s not a lot but every now and then people do purchase from the Etsy stores on my blog. I just need to get more people to see my post.

    1. Author

      Youre so sweet! Thanks for reading. I need to post more often too!

  3. Oh my!! I am so sorry this happened. Hope you are alright!

      1. Glad to hear it! 🙂 no one is worth that much effort and stress. Focus on the positives and use your energy on your side hustle. If you ever need anyone critiquing anything (for free obviously), feel free to reach out. I may also be an accountant but my background is in entrepreneurship 🙂

      2. Author

        That sounds great! How can i contact u for further info?

      3. You can reach me on insta at blushsuedero

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