*UPDATE* I was SCAMMED when I Hired a Professional to Help My Etsy Shop

Hi bunnies! In my previous post I wrote how I paid $100 to a million dollar profit etsy seller to critique and analyze my shop and how I was ghosted. His policy is he will give me back a critique within 3-5 business days. After the 5th business day I emailed him and got no response. I immediately filed a paypal case to get my money back.

This is what happened after I opened a paypal case against him –

I heard NOTHING back until 3 days later on Monday afternoon 12PM. I got an email saying he is sorry, he is way behind on etsy critiques and he somehow missed me. He will try to get a critique back to me by the next business day. At the end of the email he requested I cancel the paypal case once I get my critique. LOL.

WOW. The audacity.. I’m glad he responded but also annoyed? I know I’m being a Karen but I just would like some professionalism?? If you say 3-5 business days then that’s what I expect. Something that would’ve made me feel better would be some sort of consolation? If I was running that business I’d just give the refund of $100 out of pure embarrassment that I didn’t do my job right. I’ve taken worse hits in life.

Thankfully he followed through and I got my critique in email later that night. I read through it and it’s pretty good, gave me some good tips and tricks for my etsy listings.

The whole experience just left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I just canceled the paypal case because I didn’t want to deal with it anymore.


Thanks for reading guys~ I just launched BTS T-shirts for those interested!



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  1. Never pay anyone to do the critique. Go to the forums and ask there. It will be looked at by long-selling people and their advice is really good.

    1. Author

      Those people are so mean.. im on those fb groups and they’re so rude it scares me

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