::ETSY DIARIES:: Starting my own business – 1 year update

Hi bunnies~ It has officially been one year since I started my sticker shop and I have learned so much! I am happy to say I’ve had over 28 sales despite a very low engagement rate on social media lol. I really want to hire social media help – I am NO GOOD at it.
But I’ve had great feedback on my stickers and I absolutely love designing them!

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Set up options for similar designs instead of having one listing for each because they cost 20 cents for each listing!
If you set your quantity of product to 1 and it sells, you have to pay more money to re-list it! Gah!

Sellers hate etsy. But it has the SEO and search options for people like me who have no following lol

For the next year my goals are to add shop updates every 2 months, gain more followers and customers, and break even on my books!

If anyone else is in the same boat I am, good luck to you! Comment below to join my discord!^^



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