I’m lost. So so lost with how to do the social media. I just cannot get it together. I also refuse to get tiktok because of the safety concerns state governments are talking about. I struggle to find a community in instagram. The BTS shop community DO NOT ENGAGE whenRead More →

Hi bunnies! My little one is now 5 months old!! Ive read that sleep training can start around 4 months old once theyre old enough to cry it out. I have not done this and currently I have no intentions to. Why? It’s easy – I don’t want to. I’mRead More →

Please don’t lose yourself. Don’t be one of those women whose whole identity is washed away in being a mother and wife. Keep your marriage intact and thriving. Don’t be rude and take advantage of husbands patience & help. At the same time cherish every moment because kids grow fast.Read More →

Hi bunnies! We are back with Part 2 of my experience using Delivered Korea! (read part one here) I went on the site, made an account and chose the option to have Delivered Korea order my product for me, ship it to themselves in korea then ship it to meRead More →