Hi bunnies! Today’s review is for thin hair women like me!! Or balding people, or people who just want to fill in their hairline a bit!! This is the Etude House – Hot Style Photo Hair Liner! This costs only $6 and is SO much better than those hair powdersRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s first impressions is Etude House’s Face Conditioning Cream! What in the world is conditioning cream?? Is it like a base? or primer? Let’s find out! Price? 75g for $18?! for a full sized. Obviously mine is a sample so I did not pay this exuberant amount.. Claims?Read More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s mini review is a CLASSIC. So classic I doubt they sell it anymore? At least in this old packaging lol. This is Etude House’s Baby Choux Base! Let’s see what a baby choux base is! This is a textured cream that creates a smooth base complexion toRead More →

Hi bunnies! I BOUGHT EVERYTHING AT ETUDE HOUSE lol. && My wallet is not empty! I’ll show you how!! Let’s go through what I purchased – The orange bottles were all flash sale for about a dollar so I bought 8 of the Moistful Collagen Essences and 3 of theRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the Etude House – Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in berry! Remember when f(x) were the models for Etude House with SHINee and had the CUTEST baking commercials?! This was one of those products! With that said let’s get into the review! SPECS: Full sizedRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today we have a review of the Etude House Collagen Eye Patch! Isn’t the picture of the little girl so cute? Not at all creepyyy..lol. Kidding but it is kind of both if you look at it long enoughh.. Anyways! Let’s get into the review! SPECS:  0.14 oz.Read More →

Hi bunnies! Time for a short & sweet hunnyy mini review! This is Etude House’s Look at My Eyes eyeshadow in #OR204! The color is drop dead gorgeous. It is vibrant, shimmery and bright! The shadow fallout is the biggest pitfall for me. You definitely have to brush off theRead More →

Hi bunnies! I have run into a problem with Etude House!! On Black Friday I was shopping and filled up my cart enough to get free shipping! But… it kept charging me for the shipping… wtf? You had to buy $80 worth of stuff and I had $100! I wentRead More →