Hi bunnies! Today’s review it It’s Skin – Color Solution Pink Mud Mask Sheet! To see a mud mask sheet in the shape of a sheet mask.. I was thinking how they pulled this off.. Is it wet inside?? Let’s see! How much? I’m sorry I can’t find the priceRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review It’s Skin – Babyface Mini Love Eyeshadow in #17 – Lemonade! I haven’t tried many It’s Skin eyeshadows so let’s see how this one holds up! This line comes in 20 shades and they all look very glittery! This yellow color definitely has the glitter! It’sRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the Black Head Clear Nose Sheets from It’s Skin! Let’s get started! Each box comes with 3 sheets and costs around $3. They have another version of this nose strip but it’s a 3 step version. I have the one step! First thing I noticedRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is It’s Skin’s Blackhead Clear Nose Sheet! I bought a whole pack of these so let’s get into the review! STATS – 7 sheets in one box for $3! Product Claims: “High fitting sheet removes blackheads. White clay stronger absorption than charcoal removes blackhead” MY EXPERIENCE:Read More →

Hi bunnies! Aren’t these adorable! These are the It’s Skin – Mini Bebe Hand Creams in #03 Vanilla Cotton and #01 Cherry Blossom! These are $5.00 each and are travel friendly! I have emptied both of these and it took a long time! A little over two years for bothRead More →

Hi bunnies! We are at the end of 2019!!  It has been a long year and in my all my reviews the following are the WORST of the worst products I’ve tried!! This list includes both kbeauty and non-kbeauty products. I did not hide my feelings on my disdain lolRead More →

A lot of it is the same as my previous Black Friday list, any updates are written in pink text!!! Club Clio has up to 90% off!!!!!!!! 30%, 50% and 90% off. A lot of it is Peripera, Goodal and Healing Bird. Never heard of the last one. But theRead More →