Hi bunnies! So recently I heard something that really lit a light bulb in me! “You have to put the hours into your side hustle like your full time job so it can become your full time job”. To some of you it may sound obvious but the time aspectRead More →

PART TWO – The ending. Here is a recap of part 1 but you can also read here: My most current problem was the last straw – my site randomly went  down AGAIN and IT said they found suspicious files in my site!! So did I get hacked??(Apparently this happens ifRead More →

Hi bunnies. Buckle in-this a long story. I transitioned to self hosting in April 2020 and it is now October and I AM DONE. I am getting rid of it and moving back to wordpress hosted.. I just am not tech savvy enough for this shit.And all those articles you’llRead More →

Good morning bunnies! As part of my hunnyy mental health campaign(?) I am writing my thoughts out! I used to journal a lot when I was younger but as you get older you lose time to devote to this 🙁 Lately I’ve been thinking and regretting the way I approachedRead More →

Hello hunnyys! I am on Pinterest everyday, I absolutely love how much amazing pictures are on one site! I discovered group boards a few years back and was immediately interested! But they’re hard to find! And even harder to get into one. When I first started there was this reallyRead More →

Hi bunnies! So I have been cranking through face mask reviews this year, working on at least 10 more! Through this I have realized that I talk about the same things each review – so I figured why not set a criteria and format my future posts this way! SoRead More →

Hi bunnies! The other day I was watching one of my favorite Youtubers Meejmuse and she said something that really resonated with me. She said something along the lines of she couldn’t remember or didn’t have time to post everything she wanted. I really related to this because I haveRead More →