Hi bunnies! Happy Sunday! This is 2nd try uploading because I freaking closed the tab by accident and it didn’t save anything aAGGHFJKSD. Oh well. Today I have a tour of the Myeongdong Stylenanda Pink hotel!!! This place was HUGE and I will let the video show you the restRead More →

This is the cutest shop and the most random shop I’ve ever seen!! It is called UniLand and it is in the Bupyeong Culture Village in Incheon, South Korea! I was walking around with my cousin and this store was so insane!! PINK EVERYWHEREEEE. Unicorns, Simpsons, Hello Kitty, Pepe theRead More →

So. Damn. Cute. I bought these socks in Korea, all for $3 or less each! I really thought these would be shitty socks to wear long-term but I bought them anyway¬†out of pure cuteness~ BUT ACTUALLY THEY’RE PRETTY AWESOME. They haven’t ripped or stretched out at all!! I’ve been wearingRead More →