Hi bunnies! Why is it IMPOSSIBLE to build a social media following? I try to like other posts from people in my same etsy niche, i comment and you know what they do? NOTHING to reciprocate. They never like back or even visit my profile or even respond to myRead More →

Hi bunnies! Let’s get real here – I’m a grown ass woman but I still want to buy knockoffs lol. I technically can pay for the luxury prices but I don’t! For the most part I still buy really cheap clothes online and don’t splurge often. Moving into adulthood I’veRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s post will be a mix of both MoneyHunnyy and Hunnyy Mental Health! Because finances and stress come hand in hand LOL So I am in my twenties, working full time, engaged and preparing for a wedding. So money is something I think about everyday. At work, weRead More →

Hi bunnies! New Year, New Challenge! Last year my challenge was no buying beauty products every month and I did pretty well! Bought cosmetics maybe 3-4 months out of the whole year! Previous posts can be found here This year I don’t think I will do well in the aboveRead More →