Hello little bunnies! I love Innisfree masks~ simple inexpensive and a TON of different ones to try!! Today I will be covering the My Real Squeeze Mask in Shea Butter!  SPECS: 18 versions of the My Real Squeeze mask 20ml Meant for nutrient moisture leave on for 10-20 minutes HUNNYYMASKRead More →

Hi hi bunnies! Today I have a 2-part mask that bubbles!! I felt so funny with this mask on LOL This is the Double Dare’s OMG! 2 in 1 Kit Detox Bubbling Microfiber Mask. Let’s get into the review! This will be one of my HunnyyMask Experience reviews!! SPECS: StepRead More →

Hello bunnies! Today’s sheet mask review is from a brand I despise – I will discuss at the bottom of the post. But for now let’s get into the review! This is the Pretty Skin – Total Solution Essential Sheet Mask in Pearl. SPECS: 23 grams About $4 online retailersRead More →

Good morning bunnies! Citrus sheet mask review! YAY! Isn’t this just such a ray of sunshine? It made me happy just looking at it! Brightens my day and my face <3 Let’s get into the review! This is the Yadah Brigtening Jelly Pack! SPECS: $4 at online retailers 33ml/1.11 flozRead More →

Good morning bunnies! This mask was so weird!!! Let’s get into the review so I can tell you why lol 🙂 This is the BRTC White Phyto Complex Gold Foil Mask SPECS: 0.25 grams About $3 online “Caring dead skin and skin vitalizing” The foil is supposed to prevent activeRead More →

Good morning bunnies! Coffee sheet mask! This is the HiddenCos Americano Mask! I don’t drink coffee that often but I do love the smell of it!! <3 I will be doing this review using my new HunnyyMask Criteria! Let’s get into the review! SPECS: I bought for $3.00 Packaging officiallyRead More →

Good morning bunnies! Today I have the SooAe Black Purifying Charcoal Mask to review! SooAe really stepped up their game with this charcoal packaging! I’m impressed! Let’s get into the review! SPECS: 0.88 ounces $2-$5 on retail online for one mask Cant find the official site for this mask, theRead More →

Hi bunnies! So I have been cranking through face mask reviews this year, working on at least 10 more! Through this I have realized that I talk about the same things each review – so I figured why not set a criteria and format my future posts this way! SoRead More →