Last post I wrote about how I wasn’t going to do sleep training with my 5 month old. She is now 10 months and our last resort is sleep training. Back then she was waking every three hours to feed but it had morphed into waking every 50 minutes whenRead More →

Hi bunnies! My little one is now 5 months old!! Ive read that sleep training can start around 4 months old once theyre old enough to cry it out. I have not done this and currently I have no intentions to. Why? It’s easy – I don’t want to. I’mRead More →

Hi bunnies! I am about to pop and am very excited! My last pregnancy post I wrote about how I physically felt during my pregnancy and today I wanted to list the things I haven’t done in the last nine months and am excited to try soon!!! I CAN’T WAITRead More →

Oh boy this story is long but I’m going to condense it as best I can! Basically my OBGYN made me feel uncomfortable and distrustful – she called me crazy. During an appointment she asked what were my plans for pain management during labor and my exact words were “imRead More →

Hi bunnies! Have you noticed beauty youtubers have transitioned from makeup tutorials to vlogs/experience reviews/weird challenges? I have noticed all the youtubers I follow do this over the last few years and I think I know why – oversaturation of tutorials. It’s like hair tutorials, everything you’d need to learnRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s post will be a mix of both MoneyHunnyy and Hunnyy Mental Health! Because finances and stress come hand in hand LOL So I am in my twenties, working full time, engaged and preparing for a wedding. So money is something I think about everyday. At work, weRead More →