Hi bunnies! This is the Clio Ampoule Cushion! This is the best you’ll get for road shop prices in Korea! Much better than Etude House foundations and the puff is pretty nice too! You can find this online for about $25 for the cushion and a additional refill! I haveRead More →

Hi bunnies! This is the Nature Republic Bye Flower Eyeshadow! Shade is 28- Cozy Dream. I have this line in two diff shades and theyre both really pretty but a lot of fallout. Very powdery substance. Buildable color and really shimmery<3 Please enjoy the product shots below! xoxo, hunnyy CONTACT-Read More →

Hi bunnies! I love today’s review! This is the Clio Professional – Kill Cover Concealer! I love love love their Kill Cover line, the cushion is also amazing~ So this concealer is a pot version and I think I bought it for $20 in Korea! It’s smaller than I’d likeRead More →

Hi bunnies! Did you know they make foundation cushions just for men?? Why? Is it made differently than womens’ cushions? Are they better? Let’s find out! Visually it does use darker “manlier” colors like black and navy.. Because men won’t feel embarrassed using it if it’s a manlier color? SeemsRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s post is about eyelid tapes! These are a must-have for Asian girls like me who want their eyes to look even! I was born with one monolid and one double eyelid! For me, eyelid tape was necessary to look symmetrical although I do know people use thisRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s first impressions is Etude House’s Face Conditioning Cream! What in the world is conditioning cream?? Is it like a base? or primer? Let’s find out! Price? 75g for $18?! for a full sized. Obviously mine is a sample so I did not pay this exuberant amount.. Claims?Read More →