Today is the Worst beauty products of 2020 review!! I used hundreds of products this year and these were the most awful out of the bunch! Read More →

Yay! Another edition to my Hunnyy Index! This week we are listing NYX Products! This is the second International brand I am listing! I have so many more coming, you guys have no idea! As always  I will have a link to each review next to the product name!! (I willRead More →

Hi bunnies! With this post I am officially starting my HunnyyIndex!! HunnyyIndex is where I list every single beauty-related product I’ve ever tried! EVERY SINGLE ONE. I actually save most containers from the products I’ve tried since I was 18(when I first got into beauty) so I will have aRead More →

Yall this is alllllll the stuff I bought in Korea this past summer. Disclaimer-I saved for years for this trip so I am not some high roller spending money willy nilly! In here I gots masks, cleansers, foundations, eyeliners, mists, circle lenses, nail polishes, mascaras~ you name it I gotRead More →

Ayyy. Here is my favv brow product to use when I have brownish-reddish hair~ I got it from the H-Mart Aritaum here for about $6-7 dollars. It is a very teeny sized product but there’s a lot of product to put on your brows. Apply with a very light handRead More →