Hi bunnies! Today I have a new experience! I tried NAIL PENS! I love nail art and I don’t have a steady hand for drawing so I bought these!! It’s similar to paint pens where the body of the pen is filled with nail polish and you squeeze to getRead More →

Hi bunnies! I got these new nail stickers from Aliexpress! These were less than a dollar!! I have a video where I applied nail wraps similar to this, you can watch that here: Hunnyy’s youtube So these stickers are pretty identical to the ones in my youtube videoin terms ofRead More →

Hi bunnies! Public Service Announcement – Don’t buy inexpensive nail brushes/tools. They will drive you insane. Speaking from first-hand knowledge. I bought these cheap-ass nail brushes like 7 years ago and I never use them much. But last week I was trying to paint cute chocolate nails and draw “chocolateRead More →