Hi bunnies! My first nail stand!!! So I’m disappointed.. here’s why- I bought this because I really needed something to hold the fake nail while I painted the design on it. What I was  doing thus far  was putting double sided scotch tape to the back of the nail thenRead More →

Yepp…1004 Nail (or Chunsa Nail/Angel Nail) – The amazing Korean nail supply store does not ship outside of Korea.. When I was in Korea I bought about $100 worth of stuff and I have a video on what I bought. Their stores blow places like Sallys Beauty out of theRead More →

Hi bunnies! I just realized I forgot to post the pictures of my nail wraps!! I posted these on youtube but didn’t upload the picturess! Ahk, so here you go! (youtube video below for those who missed it!) These were purchased from Aliexpress for $0.69!! Until next time loves! xoxoxo,Read More →

Hi bunnies! I went shoppy!! These are Trendy Nail Polishes from The Face Shop! These are very inexpensive at $3.51! I was needing a base coat and refused to pay $8 for an American polish.. American nail polishes are ridiculously overpriced and overrated. So I got these instead! Korean roadRead More →

Hi bunnies! Remember last week’s constellation nails? Well i added to it!! I added what else? My favorite nail diamondsss!! Just on my pinky and middle finger 🙂 Definitely upgrades the look <3 I shall call this upgrade the shining constellation muahah Honestly loving this blue glitter but really sadRead More →