Here is what I am planning: Sharing all the discounts/holiday sales I find via my insta @hunnyybeauty Sharing my picks for the best beauty holiday gifts Sharing my own plans to spend the next two months <3 How to deal with relatives and I seriously wait for this timeRead More →

Hi guys! I really wanted to display all of my most precious beauty packaging and this is what I came up with! I had a bookshelf and a whole bunch of amazing products to showcase. It took me about two hours to configure everything.. and it’s getting there! One dayRead More →

What is Klavuu? EXPENSIVE. That’s what it is. A really expensive Kbeauty brand. It’s definitely a higher end road shop. I have seen this brand more and more in the last two years. Let’s dig in and see what it’s all about! So starting with their name, apparently it’s ofRead More →

There is just not enough information available on the Kbeauty products we know and love. What ingredients are in it? What do those chemicals even do? Are any of these bad for you? Which ones give us the best bang for our buck? Finding reviews for beauty products and KbeautyRead More →

Yall this is alllllll the stuff I bought in Korea this past summer. Disclaimer-I saved for years for this trip so I am not some high roller spending money willy nilly! In here I gots masks, cleansers, foundations, eyeliners, mists, circle lenses, nail polishes, mascaras~ you name it I gotRead More →

Guess who just turned 21!!┬áThis gal~ And my friend Sangeun in Korea is an angel who sent me a box of skincare goodies! I just finished taking all the pictures and I’m still testing the stuff out but here is a sneak peek! Products include facemasks, cleansers, eyeliner, lipsticks BrandsRead More →