Hi bunnies! I keep thinking this mask is oatmeal! But it’s rice powder! LOL This is Missha’s Homemade Modeling Mask in Rice Powder. You buy two for $12 and they come in 50ml packs. So this mask is NOT for the weak or the quick – It comes with oneRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack! I think they sell these at Ulta? I got mine in Korea but it’s definitely available at Forever21 currently! Let’s get into the review! How much? $20 Weight? 3.38 fl. oz. Claims? “A whipped foam facial maskRead More →

Hi bunnies! This mask was probably my messiest one yet! Let’s get into the review! This modeling mask sells for about $4 and is a single use mask! I do believe it’s too much product for one use but I wasn’t aware until I had mixed the powder with waterRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today is the Nature Republic – Aqua Collagen Solution Marine Hydrogel Eye Patches! A mouthful of a product name indeed! Let’s get into the review! Claims: “Deeply hydrates and delivers nutrients to your eye area. How to use: 1. After washing your face, remove transparent film and applyRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is The Creme Shop’s Wake Up, Skin! Animated Animal Face Mask! This mask is infused with rejuvenating coconut gel! Let’s get into the review! You can buy this in a set of three for about $5. I think this was a freebie for me, I don’tRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the jiggliest cream I’ve ever tried! This is the Elizavecca Green Piggy – Collagen Jella Pack! Jella.. not jelly? Interesting..lol You can purchase this on amazon for about $11 for a 3.53 oz jar! I bought this in Korea (from what I can remember). Let’sRead More →

Hi bunnies! This is probably the most over-hyped cleansing product in Kbeauty. The Banila Co – Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm! I have very strong opinions about this so let’s get into the review. This is called the 3-1 in balm and is the revitalizing version. The original is pink,Read More →