Happy Sunday bunnies! New Youtube video! I have compiled all the clips of BTS I saw when traveling to Korea! SO MUCH GOOD MERCH. Official & Unofficial! Some things I didn’t get on film-All the BT21 at the airport on the carts and posters. Also the Line Friends Store IRead More →

::YOUTUBE:: Serene Jeju Beachfront~ Dream Vacationn!

Happy Sunday! Today I have a short but sweet little clip of my time at Jeju Island! I really can see why this island is THE tourist/vacay spot in Korea. I even saw little critters in the water! Isn’t the water so clear?! The black volcanic rocks really made itRead More →

Hi bunnies! JEJU HOUSE INNISFREEE. I swear, the carrot soap I made was not meant to be suggestive.. I have pet bunnies so Drew and I thought it would be cute for us to make an orange carrot soap.. looking at the footage it looks silly..LOL Have you guys everRead More →

Hi bunnies! I laid out everything I bought in Korea!! This includes all cosmetics, jewelry, bts, skincare and souvenirs!!! I’m so out of breathe in this video and the picture is pretty shaky at times but I tried my best!! Lemme know which products you’d like me to review first!!Read More →

Happy Friday lovelies!!! I could barely keep my eyes open during the drive into work todayyy… so sleepy! Today I have fun pictures to share from my Korea Trip –¬† Insadong Ssamjigil! This a retail neighborhood that is SO MUCH FUN. Insadong is known for being a great mix ofRead More →

Department stores in Korea – Im gonna be honest– are super duper expensive.. Very gorgeous, endless items to buy, and really great customer service but awful pricing. I visited at least 8-10 department stores all over Seoul and they all were really overpriced. I mean, America is the same way-Read More →

Is so much better than in America! Oh my gahh like a million times better. Mostly because the designs and techniques are lightyears ahead of most western countries. Gel nails are common in both but in Korea they offer all types of 3D designs and jewels and add ons~ ThisRead More →

Korean dining is mind-numbingly¬†good. If you ever think you’re going to lose weight on vacation because you’re walking around a ton, don’t press your luck! Especially in Korea! The food in Korea..ahhhh…just thinking about it makes me fat. lol. Everything is sooo good. BRO. They know how to entice you..FromRead More →