Hi bunnies! Last year my hubby & I flew to Chicago to have a photoshoot in anticipation of our wedding! It was about a year of preparation and a very pricey trip! What I Learned: Definitely talk to multiple multiple companies/photographers. Watch videos/reviews of the company you want to workRead More →

Hi bunnies! My trip to South Korea is next month! I will be mainly staying in Seoul and I will be trying everything beauty/makeup/skincare related I can! My question to you – What would you like me to try?! I am planning on filming experiences, cafes, flagship stores, what doRead More →

Hi bunnies! I laid out everything I bought in Korea!! This includes all cosmetics, jewelry, bts, skincare and souvenirs!!! I’m so out of breathe in this video and the picture is pretty shaky at times but I tried my best!! Lemme know which products you’d like me to review first!!Read More →