Hi bunnies! I went shopping at my favorite place in the world~ Tiffany & Co <3 I had already bought the Round Link Bracelet Drew bought me for my birthday so I wanted to add a charm to it! So I bought the clasping link and the Return To TiffanyRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the L’Oreal HIP Shocking Shadow Pigment in 918 Restless! I’mma keep this review real short and sweet – for $8 this pigment is absolute trash. ๐Ÿ”จThis gold Pigment is the shittiest shit shit pigment and i hate it.๐Ÿ”จ Its just soo messy and I can’tRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the Clinique – 3 Step Introduction Kit sample size! Here is what’s included: Liquid Facial Soap, 50ml Clarifying Lotion 2, 100ml Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+, 30ml HUNNYY EXPERIENCE: Step 1 soap- The cleanser was clear, thick, no smell. Foamed up well. Nice! No complaints! StepRead More →

Hi bunnies!Today we will be doing an in-depth review of the very famous Makeup Eraser!! I bought the original Makeup Eraser from their official website. There are many many variations and brands that sell these microfibers that remove makeup but I wanted the most well-known one to test how wellRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the Blackhead Out Nose Pore Strips from The Face Shop! I’ve tried these strips a dozen times because there used to be a The Face Shop in my area! Let’s get into the review! One box contains 7 strips and sold for about $5. IRead More →

Hi bunnies! This is another throwback product – the A’Pieu Stone Peach Pore Less Bubble Mask! I’m writing a draft for this review while wearing the mask and my whole face is pink and bubbly!! It has a really creamy consistency and lathers on like a dream~ It dries aRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the JayJun – New Real Water Brightening Black Mask! I swear Kbeauty companies battle on who can have the longest product name.. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay Let’s get started with Hunnyy’s review! SPECS: A box of 10 masks sell for $35 Made with Rayon sheets toRead More →