Hi bunnies! Welp, this sample is expired! I hate that most samples do not have expiration dates or manufactured dates written on them! I opened this up to use it and Nope!! Not happening lol Until next time loves! xoxo, hunnyy CONTACT- Lets be friendsss on: Twitter: @hihunnyy Instagram: @hunnyybeauty and @hunnyybunnyshop Pinterest: @hihunnyy FACEBOOK: @HUNNYBEAUTYRead More →

Hi bunnies! I bought this dermaroller years ago for my husband’s acne scars. I also bought vitamin c serum and we rolled his skin weekly for a few months and saw no results lol. From what I’ve read from actual doctors – other types of dermaneedles are more effective soRead More →

Hi bunnies! My daughter is currently 6 months old and my breastfeeding journey was SO HARD in the beginning. As soon as she was born the nurses taught me how to breastfeed and the colostrum came out well. My baby latched well on the right breast so we didn’t spendRead More →