Hi bunnies! This is what happened this week in Hunnyy World- (+all my insta posts from this week) BUTTER has taken up my weekend, i was SO happy when I first heard the song, the lyrics are much more cohesive than dynamite? just my opinion~! I really liked Butter lyrics,Read More →

Hi bunnies! Finally finished my Lip Choco Stick from The Face Shop! I posted about this lip set awhile back and how I disliked the texture and the price in general. After using it all- I gotta say, it did last a long time. The bar was thick enough thatRead More →

I might be late on this news but Missha will be transitioning its retail stores to NUNC (Pronounced Noon-keu). Apparently Nunc in latin means “in this moment” so the change represents that Missha wants to be there for all your beautiful moments~ So basically Missha’s parent company Able C&C hasRead More →