Hi bunnies! Just some cute quarantine content 🙂 I didn’t put any background music in this one cause its so calm hehe. So I’m approaching week 3 of work from home and Im honestly loving all the time Im getting with my bunnies. So so so much quality time!! IRead More →

Hi bunnies! Finally finished my Lip Choco Stick from The Face Shop! I posted about this lip set awhile back and how I disliked the texture and the price in general. After using it all- I gotta say, it did last a long time. The bar was thick enough thatRead More →

I might be late on this news but Missha will be transitioning its retail stores to NUNC (Pronounced Noon-keu). Apparently Nunc in latin means “in this moment” so the change represents that Missha wants to be there for all your beautiful moments~ So basically Missha’s parent company Able C&C hasRead More →

Good morning bunnies! As part of my hunnyy mental health campaign(?) I am writing my thoughts out! I used to journal a lot when I was younger but as you get older you lose time to devote to this 🙁 Lately I’ve been thinking and regretting the way I approachedRead More →

Hi bunnies! So I have been cranking through face mask reviews this year, working on at least 10 more! Through this I have realized that I talk about the same things each review – so I figured why not set a criteria and format my future posts this way! SoRead More →

Hi bunnies! I have random thoughts that I’ve been wanting to jot down.. Why does La Neige have to be so expensive.. When will The Saem stop using shit tactics to scam customers in their stores.. How is VTCosmetics affording to pay BTS.. was their company even profitable before BTS??Read More →