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photogrid_15197736267181162463513.jpgHi loveys! Have y’all seen this new eyeliner? Too Faced’s Glitter Pop! Peel‑Off Eyeliner? I saw it at Ulta and was immediately drawn in by the pretty glitter! The colors were sooo pretty (there are eight in total) and you know I’mma sucker for a good glitter eyeliner~ So apparently these are meant to be peeled off when they dry.. but then does the glitter come off too?? I am thoroughly confused but intrigued..

Here are the directions from Too Faced:


  • Apply 3-5 layers for complete glitter liner coverage 
  • Wear multiple colors together for an ombré effect
  • Make a mistake? Use a spooley brush to remove excess glitter
  • Don’t apply on top of lashes or brows for best results
  • Carve under brow for a sparkle highlight”

Okay so I tried this on at the store and I definitely did not follow the directions LOL I just applied one layer for each color and let it sit. This is what it initially looked like:

photogrid_1519773522711579327608.jpgOne pink line, one blue line and a pink heart!

I walked around the store for about 10 more minutes, got in my car and took another picture:






Uh… Definitely peeled off.. but nothing was left on my skin? I didn’t even touch my hand or pick at it. It comes off on its own.

So I don’t understand the point of this.. it’s a glitter eyeliner that peels off after 10 minutes and leaves nothing on my eyes afterwards? Doesn’t that bring me back to square one?

Maybe it is strikingly different if you apply 3 layers instead of one..


photogrid_1519773547248165670673.jpgIn either case I was totally confused by the end of my Ulta trip and did not purchase this item. It was TWENTY FREAKING DOLLARS a pop which is another reason I didn’t buy it.. The bottle is really tiny so I really don’t feel it is worth the price regardless of the payoff.

Have any of you guys tried this eyeliner? Does it work with 3 layers like the directions say? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Ill see you guys lata~~~~~~~~

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. I’m with you, I don’t understand the point of this product. Is it supposed to leave a non-glitter line after the sparkle falls off?! I just don’t quite understand, I’m definitely intrigued though.

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