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Gorgeous right?::Update:: Taking off my Diamond Gel Nails!!

But this was the biggest pain to get off my nails..

So in a previous video post I shared my story of getting a gel manicure done in Korea for the first time! And it was a crazy experience, took over 3 hours and $300. 

I kept the manicure on for about two months when I decided to take them off. By this time I was back in America so I either had to find a random salon to take this off and spend another $30 or I could do it myself!

What. A. Disaster.



So before I tried it, I watched a few YouTube videos and googled how to take gel nails off. Seemed pretty simple – take bits of cotton balls, soak in acetone, wrap fingers in aluminum, wait and take off.

What I didn’t factor in was that my nails in particular had many many many stones and diamonds and so much more glue on top of that. So the suggested 20 minute soak did NOTHING. Nothing budged. Not even the plain polish.

::DISASTER:: Removing my Diamond Gel Nails!!
Do you see all the little bits of glue???

So I opted for another 20 minute soak and re-dipping the cotton in more acetone. After this it budged a little.. I used a wooden nail stick to pick some polish off, some little stones came off.. But for the biggest stones, they showed no signs of giving up. By now I’m super frustrated and don’t want to push too hard and hurt my nail beds. So I take the wooden pick and chip off as much glue as I can around the stones so it’ll be easier to dissolve. Another acetone soak we go… three times!! This process took about 2 hours..

For the biggest stones on my ring finger and thumb, I actually had to soak the wooden pick in acetone and dig underneath the stone to pop it off. I managed to pop it off but it left a big dent in my nail 🙁 Several dents and scratches everywhere in my nails actually..

::DISASTER:: Removing my Diamond Gel Nails!! HUNNYY
The aftermath…

My nails were finally free of polish but they had never felt weaker in my entire life. Mind you, this was my first gel nail experience ever. I always used regular polish and rarely went to nail salons. I was in dire need of cuticle oil and biotin. My nails took months to heal.. I kept them free from polish for the next two months. The dents never went away, I had to grow my nails out until they reached the tips and naturally were trimmed off.

LOOK AT ALL THESE SCRATCHES! i really tried to be gentle but there was too much glue..
::DISASTER:: Removing my Diamond Gel Nails!! HUNNYY
I even filed some of the glue off with a nail file..

PhotoGrid_1545599542816.jpgIt was so embarrassing because this is almost six months later, the last dent (and biggest one) showed up in my engagement picture showing the ring. I sent the picture to my friend to say “guess what, i said yes!” and all she said was “you have a dent in your nail“…… I’m not joking, this actually happened. Mortified.. lol. What a friend, right?

Anywaysss that was my experience! Would I do it again? Hell naw. But I am glad I got to do it and see for myself! Learned a lot and the pictures I have left are gorgeous!

What do you guys think? Did I do anything wrong during the process? (Besides, push too hard to create dents, I realized that lol)

Lemme know in the comments below!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. I remember years ago when I used to get my nails done and then when I would go to take the nails off, my real nails were an absolute mess and yes paper thin. I think after I got the nails off I would cut my nails down and put this strengthener stuff by Sally Hansen on, I think once a day for a few months at least. Also as my nails would grow the dents from the nail artist sanding them down would start to go away little by little, but I couldn’t wear nail polish for quite a while. Thankfully I don’t do that anymore, don’t have the money to keep up with them really, plus it ruins your real nails.

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