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Hey babycakes. Just a quick reminder not to believe everything you see on ads.

Long story short, they’re all full of shit. Seriously. Those skincare commercials that claim their foundation is “clinically proven” to reduce your wrinkles and heal your skin are all crap. I have read so many books && articles that confirm my suspicions. Cosmetic companies want the best lab results and research to promote their product right? So they will only tell you the positive things about their product and completely disregard any red flags. Some companies even pay researchers and professionals to flub their results to make it seem more effective. ALL “STUDIES” ARE GEARED TO SUPPORT THEIR GOAL. Instead of watching the commercial and thinking this miracle product will save your life, focus on the ingredient list! Ingredients will tell you whether the product will actually reduce your wrinkles or heal anything.

One day I’ll probably release a full rant on the marketing ploys of the beauty industry. But know this for now~ Comment and tell me what chu think!

Lots of love, xoxo Hunnyy!

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  1. Just have to remember to do your research. Tests in a laboratory are different from how a product works in real life. The conditions are different. But yes, there is no reason to believe that information in adverts hasn’t been tampered with or adjusted. Companies aim to sell their products – it’s not exactly good for them to admit to any drawbacks with their products. But yes, ingredients are more important than the claims.

  2. The only company I’ve found so far with great beauty products that aren’t full of crap is Younique. They are open and honest about what’s inside πŸ™‚

      1. it’s a skincare brand that creates products based off science so the products are never scented etc etc…. they have a youtube channel too

  3. […] TIP: Just because a label says “all natural” or “organic” doesn’t mean it’s actually fully organic. This is pure advertisement. There are no federal regulations that dictate what you must adhere to to be able to name your product “all natural”. It could only be 80% organic and it’ll freaking be labeled organic. The ingredient label is the only way to know if product is truly worth your money. Read more about advertisement ploys in my post here:Β DON’T trust the advertising. […]

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