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::FIRST IMPRESSION:: 3W Clinic -Auto Eyeliner PencilHappy Wednesday! Omg I thought I had one more day to write this post but I guess not! Today I have a pencil eyeliner to talk about and unfortunately it’s not a good eyeliner! So far.. at least~

This is the 3W Clinic Auto Eyeliner Pencil in black. This is a double ended pencil (I’m really not sure if one end is supposed to be thicker or different than the other end). I cant tell why they made this a double ended pencil.. this is yet to be seen..

::FIRST IMPRESSION:: 3W Clinic -Auto Eyeliner PencilIn any case both ends are a black eyeliner with twisty top applications. This product is not waterproof and does not last all day either. I’ve only used it a few times and my experience has been.. lackluster. I tend not to use pencil eyeliners because they are not precise and harder to get smooth lines and this Auto Eyeliner is exactly that. I mean, if you’re going for that smoky look or a thick line in general this eyeliner will work great for you. Otherwise there’s nothing much I would boast about..

:FIRST IMPRESSION:: 3W Clinic -Auto Eyeliner Pencil

I swatched a bit on my hand to show you guys what both sides of the eyeliner looks like. It’s not an amazing smooth pencil… meh..

I got this eyeliner through a subscription box by the way! I will continue to use and write up a full review in the coming weeks!! 

I will see you guys on Friday with a new post!!

xoxo, hunnyy


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