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sfsdffffHi. I’m literally writing this as I am going through my Pinterest pins and I am getting so fed up. I’ve been using Pinterest for probably 5+ years. In those years I’ve probably read 1,000 articles.. and most of them are a waste of my time. I’M SO DONEEEE with the bull. I don’t know why I still think these articles can help! I have read on every subject from fashion to finance to beauty to education and almost all of it doesn’t help me at all!!

For example, right now I was hoping to get some information on investing- particularly real estate investing. I clicked to an article on “How to Invest with only $1,000“. Wow, yay! I’m not hella rich, lemme read something to get me into the real estate business! I read the article and yepp- all bullshit. Technically you can invest with $1,000 but you are only accepted to that point IF your annual salary is over $200,000 a year or have assets of $500,000 or more. Feeling ripped off? Yeah, me too. The article is written geared towards the average Joe but is actually for a tycoon or a billionaire..

That is the deal with most content on the internet.. CLICKBAIT. I hate clickbait. I hate clickbait youtube, articles, all that crap. I’m so sick of it. It gives real content creators a bad name. When I look at the “Beauty bloggers” hashtag I see tweets of people complaining and cussing us out because of the preconceived notions they have! It sucks!

Another example! I clicked on an article about “Successful Tips for Women” and it was a whole bunch of nonsense about BASIC SHIT. Like “Be confident!” and “Don’t get stressed out.” Well, no shit. I was looking for information on financial portfolios or helpful podcasts to listen to. I just need more DEPTH. Maybe I’m the idiot for having high hopes.. And what really bothers me is that these articles get thousands and thousands of views for being clickbait!! They are legitimate blogs/websites with fluff instead of real content. And they make money off of it!! It’s infuriating..

I don’t want to say all of Pinterest articles are bad. There are some golden ones that are holy grail and give really really great tips and info! It’s just the process of finding these golden jewels that makes me mad. That’s all.

Angry post done. Meh. Bye guys.


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