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::Hunnyy:: Sharing All The Beauty Sales!Happy Holidays bunnies!! I LOVE THIS SEASON! I will try to cover all the great beauty sales/discounts/deals I see! I will mostly be sharing them on my instagram stories because posting the actual ad pictures on my blog isn’t possible (I only post original content on my site). But I will talk about the ads!

Yayayayayay!! Who else is so EXCITED?! I love shopping this time of year, feels amazing even though my body freezes in the cold lol.

As for Black Friday.. not sure if I’m actually going to go out and shop but who knows!

If you want to see all the deals (I will cover both Kbeauty and international brands) follow my instagram here –

That is all for now, what brands do you wish to buy from this holiday?

Lemme know in the comments below!

Until next time loves!



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