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::Hunnyy:: Who Says Halloween Has To Be Scary? Cute Nail Design!Happy almost Halloween! You guys probably know from my last post that I enjoy cute Halloween designs! No reason to frighten anyone right? 🙂

So I am back with my second cutesy Halloween nail art!

This is Stary Night! I originally had the idea for just the blue and orange stars with black polish but I found these gold moons in my nail stockpile! I thought it’d class up the look a little 🙂

So the biggest problem here was getting nail glue that worked!



::Hunnyy:: Who Says Halloween Has To Be Scary? Cute Nail Design!Lemme just say this Kiss Nail Glue freaking sucks.

This bottle is brand new and not old at all. I snipped the top andddd nothing comes out. The bottle is SUPER stiff and you can’t squeeze anything off. So I snipped a bit more off and still nothing. I flipped the whole bottle over and I’m telling you, I feel no liquid in this bottle. Sooo I’m gonna throw it away.
PhotoGrid_1571515548814.jpgI tried another new bottle I got in Korea last year, this one actually works! Diva Nail Stone Glue! Bought at the Bupyeong shopping mall in Incheon. Comes out very smoothly and I was able to get all of my stones on!

I took pictures of my nails and made a huge mistake! I helped my fiance clean out his car and two of my stones come off! ARGH. Obviously the glue wasn’t 100% dry yet. I should’ve waited about 45 minutes.. Then again the glue wasn’t that strong to begin with.
The rest of the stones fell off within 24…


PhotoGrid_1571513826574.jpgBut pictures last forever! If you guys wanted to try this look – MORE GLUE! lol 🙂

I really underestimated how big the stars were, I thought I would be able to fit two on each finger – NOPE! Also the stars do not have a curved back so it doesn’t sit perfectly round on the nail bed.

What Halloween looks are you guys doing? It’s coming soon!!

Lemme know in the comments below!

Until next time!



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