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photogrid_15142208183221510987717.jpgDay 26-Hellooooooo hunnyys!! How is your year-end going?! Last week of 2017!! It’s sooo surreal that 2018 is coming.. Totally nuts. This was probably the biggest year of my life thus far!

First-my pet bunnies! My boy Mocha and baby girl Luna(pictured left) made me feel better everyday with their cuddles! Luna joined our family this year! She was born in March and we got her around May 🙂 She is so CRAZY. She runs sporadically, randomly and with full force! I call her my little Barry Allen~ Mocha is as chill as ever, fighting with Luna over food and spending his days flopped about his room <3

20171219_1930402064657355.jpgI graduated university last December and joined the workforce in 2017! It was filled with a lot of tears.. for sure.. Worklife really sucks.. I’m going to be honest with you. Working full time is really tiring!! Trying to make a living and staying happy in your personal life is not easy.. I used to think it’d be great because you would just come home after work and eat and relax and no homework! No hw, no studying for exams or anything like that~~ While this part is true, I didn’t account for the fact how tired I’d be everyday after work.. Certain days at work are more stressful than others and seeing coworkers more than you see your family and loved ones is a huge adjustment. Overall this transition to full time work was nuts. I think the hardest part is waking up in the morning.. so early! But other than that my job is great and having a steady income is bomb <3

Other than work I spent a few months getting my makeup license! I am now a professionally trained makeup artist! <3 I have a whole series of this saga that can be found here with class 1! 

My BLOG- Even though was born over a year ago, I really tried to perfect and post consistently in 2017 which was something I had never done before. For years I had the idea for a great beauty blog in my head but I could never execute it. This year I decided to crack down and really commit. I am happy to say that has over QUADRUPLED in traffic and I have received sponsorships from several companies! Truly great companies too 🙂 I still have so much I would like to achieve in the world of beauty..I haven’t even started yet! Stay tuned hunnyys <3

Other than myself, I feel like 2017 was filled with lots of color, great makeup, sweet music, kpop scandals, and a terrible u.s. president 🙂 hahahah

What did you guys think about this year? Any great achievements for you guys or world news you thought was memorable? Lemme know in the comments below!!

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