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20160903_120550Yall this is alllllll the stuff I bought in Korea this past summer. Disclaimer-I saved for years for this trip so I am not some high roller spending money willy nilly! 20160903_120614

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaIn here I gots masks, cleansers, foundations, eyeliners, mists, circle lenses, nail polishes, mascaras~ you name it I got it~~ Also some accessories like hats, socks and hair clips! Another very proud purchase are the korean magazines~~ The quality of magazines over there is so much better than America honestly..and they’re heavy as shit. LOL. I’ll upload close up shots soon!

The best part? Most of these are FREE SAMPLES. Free is my favorite word in the English language. UGH love it. Korea is BOMB at giving free samples.

(Tip!! When shopping in South Korea be really nice and smiley then when you’re at the cash register and when the clerk is bagging your items, ask for lots of samples!! They’re really nice about it!)

Yo, it took me over two hours to unpack and organize everything. The items are spread out across my bedroom floor according to brand! So the top picture has from left to right: Innisfree, It’s Skin, Etude House, Tony Moly, Aritaum, The Face Shop, Olive Young && Holika Holika. These are just some of the brands! It would take too long to name them all. There are lots of products from random brands like Dreamworks hydrogel masks.

I am going to try and post reviews on every single product here so stay tuned!! Some I have already posted like the It’s Skin Hand Cream here and Nature Republic Aqua Cream here

Stay tuned for the massive amounts of reviews to come!!!

Oh! And close up shots of these products can be found on my instagram @hey_hunnyy


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