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PhotoGrid_1514774750538Okay do you guys remember that Christmas nail look I did back in December? It was a red nail with a glitter top coat? Really pretty? Well.. It freaking stained my nails PERMANENTLY. Dead serious, it won’t go away.

First of all it was an absolute pain to get off with acetone. Took foreverrr to get all the glitter off. Second, this red stain really won’t come off. It dyed my nailbed.

Do you see this madness?! The only nails that weren’t stained were my ring-finger nails-because I gave my ring finger nails a gray accent color. The rest of my nails got the red.. Now I’m not sure if it was the red polish or the glitter top coat that did this to me.. because both had a red base to them..

photogrid_1513483952010548565423.jpgInitially I thought “oh, if I just wait a few days, paint on another color, then erase that, it’ll go away! My nails won’t be stained after that!” Boyyy was I wrong… I tried everything, my nails are just permanently stained until I grow it all out.

After this I wanted to do a clear-beige nail polish but my nails were so red that it looked really weird!! Like my nails were half-bleeding or something.. so I ended up not doing it 🙁

UGHHH whyyy. Innisfree usually has such great products! What is wrong with this polish!? If you guys wanted to know the names of the polishes to stay away from them, here they are:

Innisfree Real Color Nail in #59

Innisfree Real Color Nail in #55

photogrid_1513484024588246322457.jpgSo now I’m just waiting for the red-stained nails to grow out.. After a few weeks when my nails started to grow, the new part grew normally with my natural color, thank goodness. It’s just a waiting game.. lesson learned- this shit stains your nails.. beware.. lol

I’m gonna try and find the ingredient list to these polishes to find the source of the problem.. If I find anything out, Ill let yall know!!
Has this ever happened to you? Lemme know in the comments below!! <3

Until next time guys!! Xoxo hunnyy!

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