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Yeah… only a quarter into the year and I bought a beauty product.. In my defense! I ran out of micellar water… but still.. I should have stuck to my goal of not buying makeup.. ARGH. Frustration.. I feel guiltyyyyy but I love micellar water and that’s something I didn’t have a lot of in my inventory. ::No-Buy April:: I BROKE. I BOUGHT SOMETHING.

Gah.. I got the peach cleansing water at Ulta for like $12? It’s nice! But I’m still torn about spending money lol.

Oh well hopefully in May I can be successful!!

Thank you guys so much for reading!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. Technically Micellar Water isn’t makeup! I think you should be allowed to repurchase something you’ve run out of as long as there is no replacement. But I know it sucks when you set a goal of not shopping to go and buy something!

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