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NEW VIDEO! Bunnies to Brighten Your Day!

Hi bunnies! Here is a little video of my bunnies! I know a lot of people around the world are kind of stuck inside? Here are my bunnies enjoying their night to brighten your days a little 🙂 The white and brown bunny is my boy Mocha and the black bunny is my girl Luna~ Subscribe for more! <3 What are you guys up to this weekend? xoxoxo, hunnyy CONTACT-…

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::REVIEW:: Too Cool For School – Pumpkin 24k Gold Mask!

Hi hi bunnies!! Behold! The infamous Pumpkin 24k Gold Mask from Too Cool for School! Let’s get into the review!! SPECS: $8 at Sephora and $9-10 on other online stores. “A bio-cellulose sheet mask drenched in pumpkin fruit extract and 24K gold for radiant, well-nourished skin.” Good for dry, dull and rough skin No parabens,sulfates or phtalates.   HUNNYYMASK EXPERIENCE: Is opening the packaging easy? Yes Does the mask have…

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::HUNNYY:: How to Find Your Foundation Shade Effectively

Hi hunnyys! I was walking through Sephora yesterday and I overheard a lady ask a worker how she could find her correct foundation shade – I get it;it’s so hard especially when each brand has their own shades and different names for all the shades and sometimes the foundation changes color after wearing it for a few hours! So I decided to make a post with my most effective ways…

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::SH#&!:: Gooddal Vitamin C Product Made My Skin BREAKOUT!

It’s official- I’ve officially had a reaction to a skincare product. This almost never happens! Although I do have sensitive skin, I’ve used so many products over the years so my skin has developed a tolerance and I almost never react negatively to a product until now. It was a week of absolute hell. So I got this product at Club Clio in Myeongdong, they had these sets everywhereeee in…

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::Update:: Empties! The Face Shop- Lip Choco Stick

Hi bunnies! Finally finished my Lip Choco Stick from The Face Shop! I posted about this lip set awhile back and how I disliked the texture and the price in general. After using it all- I gotta say, it did last a long time. The bar was thick enough that it didn’t break during applications and still smelled great till the end~!! I still stick by everything I said in…

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::Kbeauty News:: Missha’s Name Change? NUNC.

I might be late on this news but Missha will be transitioning its retail stores to NUNC (Pronounced Noon-keu). Apparently Nunc in latin means “in this moment” so the change represents that Missha wants to be there for all your beautiful moments~ So basically Missha’s parent company Able C&C has many other cosmetics brand under its umbrella (i.e. MeFactory) so in order to gather all of its brand under one…

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::REVIEW:: NYX Colored Mascara! :(

Hi bunnies! As you can tell from the frownie face in the title, I’m disappointed by this NYX Cosmetics colored mascara! I got two colors – CM06 Mint Julep and CM08 Pink Perfect. I got these at Ulta for under $10 each, and I’m thorougly disappointed. First off, the mascara just feels like pen ink- it’s very liquidy and doesn’t feel fibrous at all. It was like taking a liquid…

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::REVIEW:: Innisfree -Shea Butter Sheet Mask!

Hello little bunnies! I love Innisfree masks~ simple inexpensive and a TON of different ones to try!! Today I will be covering the My Real Squeeze Mask in Shea Butter!  SPECS: 18 versions of the My Real Squeeze mask 20ml Meant for nutrient moisture leave on for 10-20 minutes HUNNYYMASK EXPERIENCE: Is opening the packaging easy? Yes it was! Does the mask have a scent/fragrance? No smell at all! Does…

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::YOUTUBE:: Mocha Doesn’t Share Food!!

Happy Sunday bunnies! New Youtube video! Just a cute short video of what mocha does everytime you give him food – he grabs it and runs into a corner with it! He does this with fruit, vegetables and vitamins LOL. If you guys got the ‘Friends’ reference lemme know in the comments below!! Until next time loves! xoxoxo, hunnyy CONTACT- Lets be friendsss on: Twitter: @hihunnyy Instagram: @hunnyybeauty Pinterest: @hihunnyy Youtube!!: @hunnyybeauty

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::REVIEW:: Yesto – American black clay mask

Hello bunnies! I deigned to try this Yesto mask.. I knew it wouldn’t be any good aaaaaand let’s get into the review because the pictures itself will tell you. This is the Yesto Charcoal Mask! I can’t seem to find this exact mask anymore, but they have very similar versions (white mask as opposed to the black one I had, and powder versions as opposed to the clay version I…