Hello hey girl heyy. I cannot find an opening that I can stick to. Legit just typing whatever comes to mind every blog post LOL 🙂 Have you guys ever seen this brand? Lacvert is a higher-end Korean skincare brand that I actually really like. It is owned by LGRead More →

Is so much better than in America! Oh my gahh like a million times better. Mostly because the designs and techniques are lightyears ahead of most western countries. Gel nails are common in both but in Korea they offer all types of 3D designs and jewels and add ons~ ThisRead More →

Happy Sunday! Have you guys every tried red eyeliner? It’s really gorgeous if you find the right eyeliner. This eyeliner..is notttt really it. When I go shopping for makeup I look for really bright colors or unusual finds. This maroon eyeliner was really pretty so I gave it a shot.Read More →

Extra Sunday post but this is mega exciting!!! My first ever giveaway!! I recently got these amazing goodies from a Sephora demo and others I bought when in Korea and I thought its time to share the lovee hehe 🙂 So to enter!!! Follow two of the three accounts belowRead More →