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::REVIEW:: SleepWear Satin Pillowcases!

SATIN PILLOWCASES. It’s been about a year since I bought these and I do not regret getting them! I found them at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $8 each and I got two because only one pillowcase per box.~

The packaging looks really outdated, I’ll be honest.. but thankfully the actual product is great! It has a zipper to close on one side and after weekly washes the satin still feels so soft and smooth <3

The reason I got satin pillowcases in the first place is because I have really frizzy damaged hair and the satin material is supposed to minimize that bed-head effect of tossing and turning at night. It also is more gentle on your skin for those who sleep face down!

I don’t think my hair feels 100% better but it does help minimize the frizz every morning 🙂 I also really really love cool pillowcases, like not thick wool-type material but a breathable material and this satin is perfect for me! I just need some satin bedsheets and then I’ll be set!! LOL

Other things to note – Fits on most pillows,

Color is white and I’ve never seen another color from this brand,

Hard to find online!

All in all, the packaging sucks and it’s a little more pricey than an average pillowcase but it doesn’t stain, washing it doesn’t lead to problems and it feels sooo comforting~~~ I love mine 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!!

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  1. Those satin pillowcases look and sound awesome! I will be moving out soon so I need new pillowcases anyway… I might just look into them! Thanks for telling us about them <3

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