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Hi bunnies! New review today! This is the Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet in Tomato. Looks like a classic cotton sheet mask. Nature Republic always has pretty good masks so I have high hopes for this one! With that said let’s get into the specs!


Weight: 1.10 Ounces

Retails  for $1.99 (Is available online!)

“Description: Increases skin absorption potential. Hydrates with nutrients and moisturize with natural ingredient essences.”

::REVIEW:: Nature Republic - Real Nature Mask Sheet TomatoMy Experience:

The directions are basic – apply on clean facce and leave on for 10-20 minutes.

I opened the packaging and no immediate fragrance! Not bad. The size of the mask is HUGEEE. I’m impressed because most Korean sheet masks never fit my face perfectly. Kind of like they’re made for girls with the teeniest faces in the worldd~ The sheet is also sturdy! It’s not so thin I feel like I’ll rip it if I tug or something. I am impressed again!

One bad thing though – No extra essence inside! Nothing for me to apply to my arms or neck! Whyyyyyyyyyy Nature Republic, why you do this to meeee.

I guess you can’t have it all.. lol. Oh well, other than that this mask lasts a good bit. I kept it on for the full 20 minutes then took off. No complaints post-mask! Skin felt fine afterwards and into the next day!

All in all this was a very solid reliable face mask. Definitely worth a try! Keep in mind that this is mainly for moisturizing! If you have oily skin it might not help you much.

That is all for this week’s review!

Lemme know what you think in the comments below!

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