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::REVIEW:: NYX Colored Mascara! :(PhotoGrid_1556037417546Hi bunnies! As you can tell from the frownie face in the title, I’m disappointed by this NYX Cosmetics colored mascara!

I got two colors – CM06 Mint Julep and CM08 Pink Perfect.

I got these at Ulta for under $10 each, and I’m thorougly disappointed.

First off, the mascara just feels like pen ink- it’s very liquidy and doesn’t feel fibrous at all. It was like taking a liquid ink pen to my eyelashes. Didn’t feel any adherence or thickness. That did translate into a lightweight feeling and no spider lashes which is good.. but I’d rather have my mascara adhere to my lashes. Because it was very liquidy- IT DOESN’T DRY. It smears, it gets so freaking messy, all over my skin..You can even see it on the picture on the left.

Secondly… it’s not pretty… I tried putting the full color mascara all over my lashes from insides to the tips and I’ve also tried just adding color mascara to the tips or outsides of my lashes and the rest be regular black mascara.. But either way it’s not cute! Looks silly on me!

Maybe if you had a really outlandish Halloween-y look with crazy eyeshadows, foundation and lipstick then maybe the mascara would blend in better.. but as a little enhancement, it falls short.

::REVIEW:: NYX Colored Mascara!

The pink mascara is the same story.. I really feel like I wasted my money on these. I would’ve gotten the same results with a stationary marker…RIP.

I’ve heard Colourpop has better color mascaras.. I shall be back! LOL

Until next time loves,

xoxo hunnyy

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::REVIEW:: NYX Colored Mascara! :( hunnyy



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